Juice Dining Series

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Juice Dining Series

Enjoy a fresh squeezed series of objects to sweeten up your life. With four natural colors to choose from, you can add a little juice into any design. Fully supports snowy weather and would fit in great in any cute cafe or diner.  

Requires Base Game, Fully Patched
Type New Object
Found Surfaces → Dining Table
Comfort → Dining Chairs
Cost Table: $350
Chair: $225

Navigate to the following folder: 
C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods

If “Mods” does not exist, create it.

In mods, create a new text file, called “Resource.cfg”.

If you’re using notepad to create it, make sure you choose to save it as “All file types”
otherwise it will save it as “Resouce.cfg.txt” which will not work.

Edit Resouce.cfg, and paste the below inside.

Priority 500
PackedFile *.package
PackedFile */*.package
PackedFile *//.package
PackedFile ///.package
PackedFile ////*.package
PackedFile */////*.package

Save the file.
Unzip my mods and paste them in the Mods folder, turn on mods in The Sims 4 settings, and they should appear in game.

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