Half Hearted Hero

Published by SystemLogoff (Darkdata) on

Half Hearted Hero


Unloved by all, our hero meets a demon who promises to grant his desire to destroy those who hurt them.

This game is really pointlessly edgy, but I still enjoy how most of the tilesets turned out.

Created for the “Subversive Edutainment” Awfuljam [No Link], 2013.


  • Movement - Arrow Keys
  • Confirm - Z
  • Cancel/Menu - X


  • For the Knight Quest, you need to take off the Beil Charm and steal the soul of a Bimb, then convert it into a sword.
  • You really don't need to battle unless you are forced to.
  • Collecting Scams is only for flavor, nothing else.
  • Buy lots of Carrots and Bread.


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