Magical Item Workshop

Published by SystemLogoff (Darkdata) on

Magical Item Workshop

Winner of Best of Jam

This game won "Best of Jam" in the "Workshop" themed 2018 Dogpit Jam.


You do everything with the left mouse button, the game is a menu driven simulation.

You need to build a magical item to the request of the person who visits your shop. You have six days of these visits, with your final grade on the seventh day. How well you do will determine your final grade.

While in the “Make Magical Item” window, you can use the left mouse button to erase color and the middle mouse wheel to scroll though colors.

Created for the “Workshop” Dogpit Jam, 2018.


  • The game will keep track of your endings on the title screen. Try to get all five!
  • Study the colors and how they change the results of your stats.
  • Not every sign will boost colors.


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