8ce 8ttorney

The most expensive CHIP8 game made, taking up multiple game ‘disks’ to tell the story of the Lawyer Bell defending a courtroom janitor from murder charges.


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  • W (4) – Advance Text
  • Q (5) – (In Cross Exam) Press
  • E (6) – (In Cross Exam) Show Evidence
  • A (7) – Move Left in Evidence
  • D (9) – Move Right in Evidence

About Octo

Octo is a high-level assembler for the Chip8 virtual machine, complete with an environment for testing programs. Superchip is an extension to Chip8, allowing you to draw with a larger canvas among other features. The Chip8 keypad is represented on your keyboard as follows:

Chip8 Key   Keyboard
---------   ---------
 1 2 3 C     1 2 3 4
 4 5 6 D     q w e r
 7 8 9 E     a s d f
 A 0 B F     z x c v