Half Hearted Hero

Unloved by all, our hero meets a demon who promises to grant his desire to destroy those who hurt them. Go forth and destroy towns, get lost and craft items in this generic RPG! This game is edgy because I was younger and did not really get how to write stories yet.

Created for the “Subversive Edutainment”¬†Awfuljam [No Link], 2013.

How to Play


Run gamename.exe

Mac and Linux

Grab the Love2D package, and drag the gamename.love file on top of the Love2D package, or launch it though the command:

love gamename.love


For the Knight Quest, you need to take off the Beil Charm and steal the soul of a Bimb, then convert it into a sword.

You really don’t need to battle unless you are forced to.

Collecting Scams is only for flavor, nothing else.

Buy lots of Carrots and Bread.