Public Access TV: Superstar!

A simulation game about hitting it big on public access TV.

There was someone who loved Public Access TV so much that they wanted to own their own public access TV station. There was a problem, they only had $500 cash and a small studio. So they decided to create shows and make money selling ads.

Default Controls

  • Use the mouse to navigate the menu and create your hit TV shows.


  • Check your video history after each film, it will show how combinations work for theme/genre and the views of that type of show in that time slot.
  • You can always film something cheap, public access TV has little to no standards in this world.


All cheats are entered in the "Video Name" screen. These are not intended for how to normally play the game, but they are great if you need assistance or want to play around.

  • --igiveup
    • Causes a Game Over
  • --!?money
    • Gives $50, 000
  • --aguild
    • Makes all actors available for hire
  • --irock
    • Makes your studio Max Rank


Created for Awful Jams, which had the theme: Public Access TV.


3rd Place


Game Developer, Patchwork Library


Music and Sound

RupertButtermilk (Jord Costanza)


This was created using version 0.9.0 of Löve.

It will run on Windows, Mac and Linux.


Run the exe file found in the Windows folder.

Mac or Linux

Download and install the above version of Löve from Github.

Run the love file found in the folder though the command line command:

Version 1.0, released Jun 30, 2014.