Octo: A Chip8 Story

You’re a developer interested in making games, and you see the Octojam starting up. You decide to make a game, but the question is… how will it turn out? The game will keep track of your endings on the title screen, can you find all of them?


Play right in your browser!

  • Press Z/X/C when a choice appears.
  • For the Chip8 Keyboard: A/0/B
  • Any key will advance non-choice screens.

About Octo

Octo is a high-level assembler for the Chip8 virtual machine, complete with an environment for testing programs. Superchip is an extension to Chip8, allowing you to draw with a larger canvas among other features. The Chip8 keypad is represented on your keyboard as follows:

Chip8 Key   Keyboard
---------   ---------
 1 2 3 C     1 2 3 4
 4 5 6 D     q w e r
 7 8 9 E     a s d f
 A 0 B F     z x c v