Octo/Chip8 Games

About Chip8/Octo

Since 1977 the Chip8 platform has provided an outlet for programming creativity. The Octo toolchain makes it easier than ever to get started! Below are games I have designed for various Octo-Gamejams though the Octo toolchain. Check out other great games at this resource, and contribute to it here.

Octo Rancher

Train monsters and become a real ranching champion.


This is your great-grandma's dungeon crawler.

8CE Attorney Disk 1

Exciting court battles in Chip8.

Play right in your browser!

  • W (4) – Advance Text
  • Q (5) – (In Cross Exam) Press
  • E (6) – (In Cross Exam) Show Evidence
  • A (7) – Move Left in Evidence
  • D (9) – Move Right in Evidence


Pet the dog in this Undertale Fangame.

Play right in your browser!

  • Any Key – Pet Dog

Pumpkin "Dreess" Up

You too can play Flash Games in Chip8.

Play right in your browser!

  • Press Z to change Accessories
  • Press X to change Eyes
  • Press C to change mouths
    • (A/0/B) on octo keypad.

Octo: A Chip8 Story

Play a choose your own adventure game.

Play right in your browser!

  • Press Z/X/C when a choice appears.
    • For the Chip8 Keyboard: A/0/B
  • Any key will advance non-choice screens.


Classic Rock Paper Scissors game.

Play right in your browser!

  • Z – Rock
  • X – Paper
  • C – Scissors
  • Press any Octo-Key to move forward title/information screens.