Our hero has reached a mysterious tower and is greeted by another climber at the entrance. They plan to climb and solve its mysteries together. A puzzler with retro graphics and style. Join with your new found friend and their translations abilities to figure out the puzzles together. 

Created for the “Critical Omission” Awfuljam, 2015.

How to Play


Run gamename.exe

Mac and Linux

Grab the Love2D package, and drag the gamename.love file on top of the Love2D package, or launch it though the command:

love gamename.love


Use the mouse to navigate the tower’s puzzles.

Click to advance text and change tiles.

Each door is guarded by a tile puzzle.

The tiles change when you click on them, and there is no solution that has empty tiles.

The [RED X] will reset the puzzle.

The [GREEN ARROW] checks your puzzle.

[HINT] will allow your companion to translate the room’s hint for you.

There is a solution to every room.