Sequel Studios

Joy has started a new job at Sequel Studios located in the PZZL building. She soon starts climbing the corporate ladder and Ms. Guide, the boss takes notice. Joy’s skills make her an outstanding employee, but for some reason Ms. Guide does not seem pleased about it.

A sequel to the 2005 Game, PZZL

Created for the “Unnecessary Sequels” Awfuljam, 2018.


This game is fully voice acted!

Features comic book style cutscenes!

Full-Screen and windowed modes supported!

Windows, Mac and Linux Builds!

Really freaking anime.

News on the Game

“The entertaining dialogues, the silly simple and always recoverable mini games as well as the great voice overs will surely make you grin a little. Give it a try! “

Sebastian Standke from Game Jam Curator

Sequel Studios is a fun little game with great pixel art animation and a quirky sense of humor. 

Calum Fraser from Free Game Planet

How to Play


Run gamename.exe

Mac and Linux

Grab the Love2D package, and drag the file on top of the Love2D package, or launch it though the command: