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Always click The Game in the Upper Left before moving. It will not accept keypresses until you do so.

W - Move Up
S - Move Down
A - Move Left
D - Move Right

Tip Line Spoilers:
You are always facing north for every room.

Pay attention to the details of rooms, it may help if your stuck.

The UI lies to you once.

The tips lie to you once.

Go down from the Read 01 Screen.

Box Art


You know it's time to do it, you've put it off, but you must dive deep into the sprawling walls and complete your goal.

Lifelike Mazes

Real Rooms

Bone Tingling Puzzles

A Octo-Powered Chip8 Experience!!

Read 01

You approach the sprawling abode with your goal in mind. The doors look well worn, chips of colors flake down the edges. The exterior is done in colors that remind you of a gingerbread house. The yard is tiny and is neatly-trimmed. Strange lights are moving about in the windows. You hear the trees behind you blowing.

Read 02

This large, square hallway has matching wooden furniture along both walls. The floor is carpeted, and the walls are papered. Light is provided by table lamps and a ceiling light. The room is done in cold hard colors. Among the first things one notices walking in is an antique lamp. In the room ahead, you can see the doors leading further in the abode.

Read 03

You try the doors, you knock and shake them but no luck. They do not budge from their solid oak frame. You look to the left and see someone dressed like you looking to the left. You look to the right and see another person dressed like you looking right. Maybe one of them has the key?

Read 04

As you walk towards them, they walk away from you. You keep walking and they match your pace. As you look closer you notice that it’s not someone dressed like you, it is you! This hallway somehow loops back on itself. To be sure you nudge a painting on the wall and you notice the other room’s “you” do the same.

Read 05

It’s strange, seeing yourself repeated down a long hallway. It’s a perfectly harmless trap that’s more interesting than scary. All the rooms along this hallway have the same design, so you feel like you could walk forever if you wished. You do notice this room is slightly different than the others, there is a door that leads to a small library to the south.

Read 06

This cramped, rectangular library has mismatched wooden, metal, and glass bookshelves along the south wall. The floor is carpeted, and the walls are textured and painted. Light is provided by floor lamps and a ceiling light. The room is done in a cat theme in muted colors and overall has a cluttered look. The first think you notice walking in is a large antique key sitting in the middle of the floor.

Read 07

The house creeks as you walk down the hallway. A strange nostalgic sent is wafting down the hallway. It’s strange, you never thought the smell of burning flour would make you feel this way. The smell is stronger as you head further north.

Read 08

This small, square nook has large windows overlooking the trees in the garden. A small cushionless seat rests by the entrance. The floor is carpeted, and the walls are painted with a paneled dado. The smell is stronger here. The room is done in colors that remind you of a candy store and overall has a quaint atmosphere. Among the first things you notice is a draft, but the windows are closed.

Read 09

Walking through the invisible wall is incredibly strange, you expect it to feel slimy but it’s like walking through a light snowfall. As soon as you pass through the wall the illusion vanishes, making the doorway obvious.

Read 10

You see a L shaped turn ahead. You poke the walls just in case there is another illusion, but you see nothing. You notice that your pockets are heavy, and you find a second key in them. You wonder if it appeared there when you passed the wall. You put it back in your pocket.

Read 11

You notice a full fresco on the wall ahead. In painstaking detail someone has painted a sprawling abode with the doors well worn, with chips of colors flake down the edges. The exterior is done in colors that remind you of a gingerbread house. The yard is tiny and is neatly-trimmed. It has a large red arrow pointing down near the bottom, and a large read 01 over the whole thing. You’re not an art critical, but you think it would look better without the obvious red ink.

Read 12

More large windows overlooking a tree in the garden, it’s large leaves obscure anything that may be under it. You remember playing in trees like them growing up when you would visit your grandmother. Those trees are long gone now, leaving nothing but ashes.

Read 13

You poke both walls again, but you have a feeling that the traps here don’t obviously repeat. You do question the dusty boxes pilled up in the corner and hope you will not have to move them. They look heavy.

Read 14

A large ornate door, with a long ropey pattern with three large keyholes is along the left wall. You know unless you’ve solved all the rooms puzzles, there is no way to get it open. If you have all 3 keys you know you can hang a left here, and begin what you’ve really set out today. Taking a deep breath, you count your items and think about everything you’ve seen.

Read 15

As you place each key in the respective keyhole and turn you hear something rocking in the next room. Taking a deep breath before opening the door you walk into the lavender perfumed room. Walking inside you see your Grandmother, rocking away and looking at the instructions for an IkeaTM table.

“Granddaughter!” She exclaims happily “I’m so excited you’re here to help me with the new house.”

You sigh and explain to your Grandmother that you would have been faster without the puzzles in the way.

“Now, you’ve always loved those puzzles.” She states “I’m not stopping now.” She gets out of the chair and gives you a hug “Now come give me a hand figuring out this table, my magic is no match for those Swedish wizards.

Read 16

Heading south you walk into the garden. Looking up you can see the two large windows overlooking the whole thing. Under the apple tree, on the ground you find a large antique key, holding down some floorplans for the abode. You take a deep breath of the fresh air before heading back towards the abode.

Read 17

You’ve taken the key, now all that’s left is the books, kitschy cat curios and book holders on the shelves.

Read 18

The large antique key turns in the doors lock. The doors creak open, allowing you into the room ahead. You see a long hallway with a door on the right in the very far end.

Read 18-Bee

Nothing here but the big pink-lavender flowers that sway on the hot wind, the pollen scattering as the bees work.🐝🐝🐝

Read 20

It's just us and a very angry mouse, who's mousehole-home has vanished.


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