A Tabletop Game and Interactive Character Sheet.

How to Play

Welcome to a world where CasX is everything and an artificial intelligence controls it all. This AI, known simply as "MIB," has taken over all financial systems and holds immense power over every aspect of life. Those who have the most money hold the most influence and the Bank's algorithms dictate the success or failure of individuals and businesses.

You are part of one of MIB's "Business Units". You will be given a mission from your "Big Business Boss". You are unable to die on the mission, but the person with the least CasX at the end will be executed.

Work together, but not too much; Welcome to ProfitroniX.


📦 Proftrix


John EarnestDecker Engine

Additional Information

Date Released Jan 1, 2023
Version 1.0
Runs On Web Browser
Jam Host Decker Jam
Jam Theme Cool Decker Games Link View on Itch