A Bridge of the Chocolate Factory


Play microgames to defeat the chocolate factory boss.

How to Play

Use the mouse to advance text and solve minigames to win the chocolate factory!
The game only uses the left mouse button and moving the mouse.
The settings include an option to have infinite lives, in case you get stuck!
Press Alt-Enter any any point to go/exit full screen view.


📦 A Bridge of the Chocolate Factory

Running the Game


Run the gamename.exe found in the 'Windows' folder.

Mac or Linux

Download and install the 11.3 version of love from Github.
Run the gamename.love found in the 'Mac or Linux' though the command line command:
love gamename.love


Michael A. ZekasMr. Latic
Ashe ThurmanChild
GDC Audio PacksSound Effect Bases
RocknRoll OneFont
Emilys CandyFont
PixabayPublic Domain Art

Libraries Used

HUMP Matthias Richter
Patchwork SysL
Breezefield HDictus

Additional Information

Date Released Feb 22, 2021
Version 1.0
Runs On Windows, Mac, Linux
Jam Host LÖVE Jams
Jam Theme Chocolate
Love Version 11.3
Itch.io Link View on Itch