Dial, AAH Monster


LCD Pet with Code Trade Battle Features.

How to Play

Dial your cute monster and play games with it.

Select games with the on screen controls or use the number row/pad to play.

When the game tells you to give someone a number, you give that to another person playing Dial, Aah Monster. You then take their number in return. This is how you play the cutting edge multiplayer games.

There is no ending, just keep playing with your monster until you get bored of them.


📦 Dial AAH Monster

Running the Game


Run the gamename.exe found in the 'Windows' folder.

Mac or Linux

Download and install the 11.2 version of love from Github.
Run the gamename.love found in the 'Mac or Linux' though the command line command:
love gamename.love


GDC Audio PacksSound Effect Bases

Libraries Used

Anim8 Enrique García Cota
HUMP Matthias Richter
SysL-Text SysL
SysL-Pixel SysL
Smallfolk GVX

Additional Information

Date Released Oct 14, 2019
Version 1.0
Runs On Windows, Mac, Linux
Jam Host Dogpit Jams
Jam Theme LCD
Love Version 11.2
Itch.io Link View on Itch