Dink or Die


Drop brains down a peg game, use their mental powers to get to victory.

How to Play

Click the mouse to drop your Brain into the maze.

Use your mouse to activate your powers or use the Number Keys 0-9 if you don't feel like clicking!

Don't hit sharp things.

You will get secret codes for each class you finish the maze with!

Note: ~ and Q will reset all active codes.


📦 Dink or Die

Running the Game


Run the gamename.exe found in the 'Windows' folder.

Mac or Linux

Download and install the 11.3 version of love from Github.
Run the gamename.love found in the 'Mac or Linux' though the command line command:
love gamename.love


Ashe ThurmanVoice
Michael A. ZekasVoice
GDC Audio PacksSound Effect Bases
PixabayPublic Domain Art

Libraries Used

Anim8 Enrique García Cota
HUMP Matthias Richter
SysL-Text SysL
SysL-Pixel SysL
Smallfolk GVX
Breezefield HDictus

Additional Information

Date Released May 3, 2020
Version 1.0
Runs On Windows, Mac, Linux
Jam Host Awful Jams
Jam Theme Sports 2
Love Version 11.3
Itch.io Link View on Itch