A Quiet Winter Walk Home


Enjoy a quiet walk home from the train station.

How to Play

Controls - Keyboard:
Move - WASD
Confirm - Space
Back/Run - Left Shift
Menu - E

Controls - Gamepad (XBOX Face Buttons):
Move - DPad/Sticks
Confirm - A
Back/Run - X
Menu - Start


📦 A Winter Walk Home

Running the Game


Run the gamename.exe found in the 'Windows' folder.

Mac or Linux

Download and install the 11.3 version of love from Github.
Run the gamename.love found in the 'Mac or Linux' though the command line command:
love gamename.love


Public Domain AudioMusic
GDC Audio PacksSound Effect Bases

Libraries Used

Anim8 Enrique García Cota
Bump Enrique García Cota
Bump-niji shru
Deep Nikoloz Otiashvili
HUMP Matthias Richter
Patchwork SysL

Additional Information

Date Released Dec 31, 2021
Version 1.0
Runs On Windows, Mac, Linux
Jam Host Awful Jams
Jam Theme Winter Scene
Love Version 11.3
Itch.io Link View on Itch