It’s December 31, 1999 and the world is about to move into a new millennium. You are an IT worker, covering the graveyard shift who is bored out of her mind. Suddenly, just before the stroke of midnight, you are attacked by a digital creature. Take them all on in this item-based combat RPG, where it can be pizza anytime!

Created for the “Weird History” Awfuljam, 2018.

How to Play


Run gamename.exe

Mac and Linux

Grab the Love2D package, and drag the gamename.love file on top of the Love2D package, or launch it though the command:

love gamename.love


The game is a menu driven RPG that you control with your mouse.

In battle, once you do three attacks, you will have enough BP (Belief Points) to do a special attack. You will unlock more special attacks as you explore and find items.

As a warning, once you leave a floor there is no way back. Make sure you find everything you think you’ll need before going forward.

If you fall in battle, your partner will revert time for you, allowing you to try again.






Voice Acting


Michael A. Zekas